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The third meeting in Gera, Germany

The third Partnets’ Meeting was in Gera, Germany on 26th and 27th of June hosted by Volkssolidarität.

The partners reported on the piloting of the first tools of the Compassion in their countries.

During the workshop, the participants explored together the notion of courage in education for nurses and other healthcare professionals and designing the plan for the second tool on Courage.

The interim evaluation of the project was made and next project steps were established.
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Piloting the first tool in Romania

The tool first “VALUES OF CULTURALLY COMPASSIONATE CARE “ was developed by EDUNET Organization. It was piloted in May-June 2014 with 25 student nurses from “EDUNET” Nurses School and  25 registered  nurses from Romanian Nurses Association, Dolj Branch who are preparing for a European mobility.

The culturally compassion  module was integrated in the curriculum  or 20 hours for their cultural preparation.

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Methodology to be used in the development of learning /teaching tools

The Methodology to be used in the development of learning /teaching tools for compassion, courage, health inequalities, and intercultural communication in now available.

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First Meeting at London/UK, 31th October till 1st November 2013

Our first meeting toke place at London/UK. Professor Rena Papadopoulos invited the project team of all European partners to the Hendon campus, Middlesex University. In these two days many organizational and management contents and processes were clarified. The partners introduced themselves and got in touch with the different ways of education and providing care in every partner country. Furthermore the partners did some workshops about defining compassionated care, realizing that there are intercultural differences.

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baner sus extralargeThe project “Tools for Intercultural Education of Nurses in Europe” aims to increase the skills of nurses and health care professionals for  providing culturally competent and compassionate care to patients and facilitate their   effective participation in the European labour market.

It aims to develops and pilot tools which enable the implementation of the  European PPT/IENE  Model for  intercultural education of nurses,  created and developed by partners from five European countries in two previous Leonardo projects .

Partners from six European countries , UK, Romania, Italy, Germany,  Turkey and Netherlands, will adapt and develop the PPT / IENE model, will create innovative  training content and the materials, will lead training workshops on the topics of cultural awareness, cultural knowledge, cultural sensitivity, will pilot the   assessment  tools and  will collect case studies for  education of delivering compassionate and competent care.

They will create innovative  assessment methodology and tools aiming to measure the nurses’ awareness of the importance of cultural and religious values and  their understanding of health inequalities as well as  their impact on culturally diverse population groups.

Through the exchange of experiences, partners will develop case studies detailing various scenarios mapped in a Good practice manual, which can be used by teachers to promote culturally competent and compassionate care.

The existing multilingual online platform  will be enriched with new  innovative teaching, learning and assessment tools. This way ,  a complete package  for Intercultural education of nurses and healthcare professionals, extended at the European level will be available for use all over Europe.

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