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The IENE Tools project aims to increase the skills of nurses and healthcare professionals for  providing culturally competent and compassionate care to patients and facilitate their   effective participation in the European labour market.
The project adapts and develops the  European PPT/IENE  Model for  intercultural education of nurses,  developed in the previous Leonardo projects.


1.To explore the importance of cultural values,  the notion of health inequalities and courage,  the notion of cultural communication  in nursing and the impact of these values on the delivery of compassionate and culturally competent care.
2.To develop teaching , learning and assessment tools  and  examples how these values  can be taught to nurses and other healthcare professionals.
3.To pilot the created tools and develop case studies detailing various scenarios,  which can be used by teachers to promote cultural competence.
4.To create innovative assessment tools aiming to measure  the nurses’ cultural awareness, knowledge , sensitivity and competence.
5. To develop PPT/IENE  Model and enrich the existing learning  platform ( with innovative teaching, learning and assessment tools .
6. To  design a TOI project with the aim of  developing  and extending  the implementation of the project’s outputs to a larger scale.

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