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 London, UK


1. Report on  state of the art  of  education delivering compassionate and culturally competent care in each country – 2. Workshop: development of tools for teaching and assessing  cultural values  3.Management:  work plan, dissemination and valorization  plan, evaluation strategy, communication procedures.  4. Workshop: designing the  website plan





1. Adaptation and development of the PPT / IENE model for target groups in each  country for  education of delivering culturally competent and compassionate care.   2. Workshop of designing Methodology for creating tools, piloting   the creating  tools, collecting  good practices, reporting  results




June 2014

1. Ways of teaching/learning compassionate care – report of the activity done (each partner) 2. Workshop: Exploring  the notion of courage in education for nurses and other healthcare professionals  3. Project process evaluation 4. Interim report




November 2014

1. Ways of teaching/learning courage care (report of the activity (each partner)  2. Workshop: Exploring the notion of appropriate and effective intercultural  communication – an essential component of culturally competent and compassionate care




March 2015

1. Ways of teaching/learning/assessing cultural therapeutic communication – report of the activity done(each partner)  2.Exchange of experiences and   developing  case studies detailing with various scenarios to promote cultural competence. 3. Workshop: Designing Good practice manual structure




June 2015

1. Evaluating the Good practice manual and setting up the final version of the web site  2. Workshop : Exploatation plan.3. Workshop: Developing cooperation: Leonardo TOI project  4.  Project process  final evaluation   5. Workshop  Preparing final report 

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