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Meeting in Istanbul

10th April – 11nd April 2014

Meeting in Istambul Agenda

Objectives of the meeting

1. Adaptation and development of the PPT/IENE model for target groups in each country in preparation for education of delivering culturally competent and compassionate care.
2. Workshop of designing methodology for:
a) creating tools
b) piloting tools

Workshop sheet PILOTING TOOLS (1)

c) collecting good practices

Workshop sheet GOOD PRACTICE

d) reporting results



1) Methodology for  culturally competent compassion tools

Methodology for Tools for Intercultural Education of Nurses in Europe

IENE3 PILOTS data collection sheets DRAFT1

completed LISTS of Tools

2) Partners’ literature review on teaching / learning compassion

3) Agreed plan for the next phase of the project


Plan for developing the website

Plan section IENE3



 20140410_163252  20140410_163436
 20140410_202549  S0391070  S0073254


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