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Activities in Turkey

Piloting the tools in Turkey

The first tool “Learning of the Compassion”was developed by Marmara University Pendik Research and Training Hospital and piloted in May 2014. The number of 20 training nurses and 50 nurses (trainees) participated to the implementation, in the first step training nurses participated and the second step the nurses who work in intensive care units, paediatrics, obstetric units participated to implementation.

We also will make training of trainers in order to reach all the nurses number of 480 in our hospital. Periodically, during the project the trainers will train all the nurses in our hospital and share the results, tools of IENE Project to the nurses.


The second tool “Courage – Team Working – Mentoring” was developed in October 2014 and    piloted to 34 nurses who work as a head nurse from all the clinics in the hospital, and then selected volunteer nurses among head nurses who participated in the first step became a trainer. In the second step we reached 60 nurses who work in different clinics such as intensive care units, foreign patient clinics, and post natal clinics.


The third tool “Intercultural Communication”- the aim of this tool is to improve the cultural competence in the nursing practice. Cultural competence and respect for others becomes especially important in the nursing practice, because culture affects health care services that nurses provide, in school, most of nurses were taught to respect the rights and dignity of all patients. As the world becomes smaller and individuals and societies become more mobile, nurses are increasingly able to interact with individuals from other cultures. It was piloted in April 2015 with the head nurses of each clinic, training nurses and selected nurses who work with patients from different countries in the department of foreign patient clinic (health tourism). Totally we implemented number of 75 nurses.

communication tool

Training includes for each tools ; classroom activites scuh as PPT Presentations, exercises, case studies, discussion and experience sharing and group stduies.

couragetool2tool2 (2)

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