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Guidelines for identifying, collecting and documenting
‘GOOD PRACTICE’ was Prepared by Professor Irena Papadopoulos

We defined ‘Good Practice’ as one which has the following characteristics:

  • A practice which is beneficial and desired by people (patients, students, teachers etc)
  • Ideally based on research evidence and/or long term wisdom
  • One that is easy to understand
  • One that has proven to work
  • One that is high quality
  • One that results in change
  • One that is transferable


The criteria we used to identify ‘Good Practice’ were: 

  • The practice is ethical
  • It allows those that may be affected by it to participate in it in some way
  • It is resource efficient
  • It is culturally appropriate
  • It is contextually specific
  • It provides the best solutions for the available resources


From our project (IENE3) we collected:

  • Descriptions of tools (teaching, learning, practical exercises etc)
  • Actual learning activities (photos, games, role plays, power point presentations, etc)
  • Results of pilots (methodology, reports, dissemination activities)
  • Impact (declarations from beneficiaries, media reports etc)



This document provides information on the delivery of the innovative training content and materials, which we developed and piloted during 2013-15.

The good practice manual   can be download here FINAL Good practice MANUAL

Visitors of this website are welcome to use any of the materials for educational purposes as long as they clearly credit their source.

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