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Learning tools are ‘materials’ which students use on their own or with others to learn about a
topic, to develop their cognitive (thinking), psychomotor (practical) and affective (emotional)
competencies. Learning tools may be identified or developed by the students or the teachers
(sometimes referred to as teaching tools).

The three tools cover the following topic areas of intercultural education:
• Tool 1 – Compassion
• Tool 2 – Courage
• Tool 3 – Intercultural Communication

Each partner country produced one tool per each topic area. In total, eighteen tools are
presented in this report together with their evaluation data

The tools were created by the key personnel involved in the project :
• Middlesex University, Prof Irena Papadopoulos, Alfonso Pezzella and Laura Foley
• Edunet, Victor Dudau and Adrian Dudau
• ROC Albeda College, Annemiek, Xandra and Angela
• Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria Senese, Claudia Rustici and Cristina Masoni
• Volssolidaritat Gera, Fedrike Jung and Rena
• Marmara University Hospital, Fatma Çırpı and Serpil Tural

The  learning  tool:
• Contains customised steps to help students progress through their learning goals;
• Provides observable evidence of learning;
• Clarifies what students know and don’t know;
• Allows the teacher to see/hear (and intervene) when students don’t understand;
• Leads to and connects with other tools in the process of meeting larger /higher level learning
• Helps students synthesize knowledge and meaning;
• Provides building blocks that enable students to step into and through difficult concepts or
processes to reach predetermined learning goals;
• Provides pathways that lead to depth and clarity in learning;

• Adds to the meaning-making in the classroom.


This report documents information on the development and evaluation of the three
learning/teaching tools which represent the key outputs of the IENE 3 Project. The report
begins with a document on the methodology for creating the learning/teaching tools and it is
followed by the presentation of the three tools and the data from their evaluation. The final
section of the report presents a number of case studies, which aim at promoting the
synthesis of learning about compassion, courage and intercultural communication.

The IENE3 Tools can be downloaded here   IENE3 TOOLS _ FINAL Report

Visitors of this website are welcome to use any of the materials for educational purposes as long as they clearly credit their source.
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