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Toolkit 1

Ways of teaching/learning cultural compassion

Title of the tool 
Aims of the tool
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Middlesex University,  UK COMPASSION TOOL Articulate the need for the focus on compassion in current nursing practice;Discuss the meaning of compassion from different viewpoints: your own, patients and their families’; colleagues’ viewpoints;

Reflect on your own practice in relation to the provision of compassionate care that is safe and effective for a variety of different patients;

Identify strategies to nurture your own practice in this respect.



EDUNET Organization, Romania VALUES OF CULTURALLYCOMPASSIONATE CARE The tool is aiming to develop the culture of compassion for nurses and other healthcare professionals, in order to provide excellent health care and well-being of patients.  TOOL 1 _Romania
ROC Albeda College, Netherlands  This tool helps students to learn to respond with compassion towards others
in situations where physical aggression plays a role, and to understand how that is
based on awareness and compassion for one’s own values and feelings.
 Tool 1_Netherlands
Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria Senese, Italy The Pilgrim









1. Increase motivation2. Develop competence and capabilities

3. Help health care workers to modify their behavior to be better in their profession

4. Go trough the tool the nurses will have reflected on the meaning of compassion and

they will be able to put their knowledge into practice.

5. To be able to integrate patients in assistance

 Tool 1_Italy
Volkssolidarität Gera, Germany  The patient should feel comfortable and establish confidence to the nurse, so that the care/therapy could be successful.
Only if the nurse knows his patient well, that means: preferences, his life history, peculiarity,wishes and so on, he could commit himself to the patient in care and could care in a
compassionate way.
 TOOL 1 _Germany
Marmara University Research and Training Hospital, Turkey Learning of the Compassion
1. To learn the need of compassion in nursing; 2. To be self awareness
3. To have compassionate care to patients,
4. To have compassion satisfaction in this respect
5. To learn the importance of compassion in nursing practice
 6. To understand the patient/client/family as a person
 TOOL 1 _Turkey

1 Comment

  1. rena papadopoulos says:

    For clarification:
    CA = Cultural Awareness
    CK = Cultural Knowledge
    CS = Cultural Sensitivity
    CC = Cultural Competence

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