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Toolkit 2

Ways of teaching/learning health disparities an courage 

Title of the tool
Middlesex University, UK   COURAGE IN HEALTHCARE PRACTICE: AN INTRODUCTORY TOOL Articulate the need for the focus on courage in current nursing practice;Discuss the theoretical underpinnings of courage, and the meaning of courage from different viewpoints;

Reflect on your own practice in relation to the ability to display courage;

Reflect, in a reasoned manner, on when it might be desirable to be courageous;

Identify strategies to nurture confidence and courage in your own practice.

EDUNET Organization, Romania MORAL COURAGE IN HEALTHCARE: ACTING ETHICALLY IN THE PRESENCE OF DISCRIMINATION The tool  aims to help nurses and other health care professionals to define moral courage, recognize and develop moral courage when faced with ethical challenges.  TOOL 2_Romania
ROC Albeda College, Netherlands PROFESSIONAL COURAGE IN THE HEALTHCARE SECTOR AN INTRODUCTORY LESSON The objective of the workshop centres on the first segment, namely Cultural Awareness..Using a step-by-step plan, students learn how to respond courageously to an issue and/or address a particular situation.  TOOL 2_Netherlands
Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria Senese, Italy COURAGE: THEORETICAL ASPECTS Overall aim for the tool is to strengthen the self-awareness, self-control and fear and anger management, to enforce ethical-deontological competence and relational competence and to enhance ethical attitude-behaviour based on courage  Tool 2_Italy
Volkssolidarität Gera, Germany 1st Aid Courage Compass in Cases of Death 1. I‘m not alone in emotional incriminating situationen.2. There are many ways of assistance with it I don‘t have to handle alone the death of a patient.

3. I‘m exactly aware of what I have to do in a case of death.

4. Through the safe acting with the deceased I can approach courageous these situations.

5. I won‘t have disadvantages if I don‘t can or will approach these situations alone. Asking forhelp is not a sign of weakness or unprofessionalty.

 tool 2 germany
Marmara University Research and Training Hospital, Turkey COURAGE 1. To understand the need for courage in nursing practice,2. To recognize the courage,

3. Evaulate your couragous behavior from your own experince,

4. To understand what time would necessary to show courage,

5. To understand which abilities require to have couarage,

6. To understand the relationship betweeb the confidence and courage

 TOOL 2_Turkey

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