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Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria Senese, Italy

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Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria Senese is a highly specialized hospital which has gained a national reputation for its outstanding care and innovative medical treatments. The hospital is particularly well known for its excellence in geriatrics, infective diseases treatment, neurology and bio-medical research. AOUS has 8 departments (787 beds) and is largely staffed by professional medical workers: physicians, surgeons, nurses, etc.(in total 2898 medical workers).


Besides carrying out healthcare activities AOUS is a VET provider in the healthcare sector which offers numerous courses for medical staff of all categories, including nurses and sanitary workers (730 courses provided in 2012).

Tuscany Region, where AOUS is situated, has a big percentage of migrant population besides refugees from Tunis and Libia (around 10% which is approx. 338.000 people). These numbers are constantly growing and have raised by 75% for the last 5 years. Due to these facts new demands are being made to the healthcare professionals who are expected to be able to communicate with patients coming from different cultural background.

AOUS understands the necessity to foster the skills of intercultural communication for the nursing profession and has introduced several courses and seminars for medical staff, such as “Birth of multiculturalism”, “Healthcare and communication in socio-anthropological context”, “Are we all foreigners in the hospital? Learn to understand”, “Suffering and spirituality in a multicultural society” etc.

AOUS believes that one of the most important factors which contributes to the development of intercultural communication skills is international traineeships and mobility of healthcare personnel (both incoming and outcoming). Currently AOUS is hosting 12 healthcare professionals coming from China for a 6-month traineeship. In 2012 and 2011 AOUS organised two 6-month traineeships for Iraq nurses at its premises.

Being a partner in IENE Tools project, AOUS will contribute to the implementation of the project activities and will select nurses and other healthcare professionals, apply the tools for detecting the training needs and contribute to the creation of the teaching, learning and assessment tools. AOUS will implement the training modules to the selected group, collect the study cases, create and translate the content in Italian for the platform. Beside this AOUS will actively contribute to the dissemination and valorisation of the project outcomes.






Role in the project

Coordinate the  workpackages:

       Toolkit  3- Therapeutic intercultural communication Twitter pages

       Writing the minutes of the meetings and send to the partners after each meeting.




Explore the topics of   Compassionate care ,  Health Inequalities and Courage and Intercultural therapeutic communication  and its place in the curriculum and discuss their understanding and findings  during the partners’ meetings

Pilot the 3  toolkits created   to the  student nurses, registered  nurse or other health care professionals , apply the assessment tools: select the target groups, will detect the  training needs, create training plans, create  the teaching, learning and assessment innovative tools, collect case studies

Cooperate in creating  project outputs: create  and translate content for  the  blog, platform, leaflet and newsletters

Exchange of experience and  present particular activities and outputs in the partners’ meetings

Organize the project meeting in Italy.

Organize monitoring, evaluation, assessment and dissemination of project on the national level.



Project team

Claudia Rustici,  Cristina Masoni


  IRSS is part of KOS Group, a major Italian healthcare group, active in health and social care, residential care, rehabilitation, psychiatry and advanced health technology.  It works according to a modern vision of rehabilitation, in multi-disciplinary teams. We hospitalize people with Severe Brain Injury, stroke, spine injury and joint prosthesis implantation. The Istitute of Rehabilitation has a Training Centre. It has the task of training, updating the skills and providing qualifications for health professionals (ECM).The head center in P.P.Picena employs about 100 nurses, supported by 200 support operators. The purpose of nursing in this context is to identify and treat problems related to the reactions of individuals and groups to actual and potential health problems arising from altered functional abilities and lifestyles.The specific nursing skills in the field of rehabilitation will give added value to the European group and we’ll learn about new cultures and European skills.

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