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The aim of the “EDUNET” Organization  is to provide services and resources for promoting lifelong education, for supporting professional education, education for active citizenship and for lasting development.

EDUNET is authorised by  Romanian Ministry of Education and Research and Ministry of Work, Social Solidarity and Family as provider for adult professional training of foreign languages. 

Since 2008, EDUNET developed many European  educational projects and  supported the implementation or the European  projects for other organizations.

It was the promoter and coordinator of the Leonardo Partnership “Intercultural Education of Nurses in Europe” project IENE1 (2008-20100) and, then, the joint coordinator of the  Leonardo Transfer of Innovation project IENE2 (2010-2012). 

EDUNET has been a partner in many Leonardo da Vinci Mobility projects, both IVT and PLM ,  providing language and cultural preparation and facilitating the insertion of the participants in the professional  workplace.

Since September 2012, EDUNET started  a   vocational  school, “EDUNET School”,  authorized by Romanian Ministry of Education for initial qualification of nurses.  EDUNET School, proposes to provide a high quality education, open to the European standards, to offer opportunities for its  students to easily integrate in the national and European labour market by training placements abroad and learning foreign languages.

EDUNET has a number of 25 trainers, qualified teachers, medical  teaching staff (doctors and nurses) and other staff with a long experience in the teaching of nurses and other health care professionals.

EDUNET works in a large partnership with the local and regional hospitals, authorities and health organisations to assure a good practical training for the students: Regional Emergency Hospital  , „Victor Babes” Hospital of Craiova,  Authority  for Public Health  – Dolj county, Romanian Nurses Association-Dolj Branch.  General Direction for Social Assistance and  Children Protection -Dolj.

More details: Edunet prezentation






Role in the project

 Create and updating the  project   project workplan

Coordinate the  workpackages:

       Quality assurance  and evaluation of the project

       Development of  the  blog of the project   and platform




Explore the topics of   Compassionate care ,  Health Inequalities and Courage and Intercultural therapeutic communication  and its place in the curriculum and discuss their understanding and findings  during the partners’ meetings

Pilot the 3  toolkits created   to the  student nurses, registered  nurse or other health care professionals , apply the assessment tools: select the target groups, will detect the  training needs, create training plans, create  the teaching, learning and assessment innovative tools, collect case studies

Cooperate in creating  project outputs: create  and translate content for  the  blog, platform, leaflet and newsletters

Exchange of experience and  present particular activities and outputs in the partners’ meetings

Organize the project meeting in Romania

Organize monitoring, evaluation, assessment and dissemination of project on the national level.



Project team

Victor Dudau, Marinescu Gabriela,  Adrian Dudau

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