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Middlesex University is one of the largest UK universities. We teach 40,000 students on Middlesex courses at our campuses in London, Dubai and Mauritius and with prestigious academic partners across the world. Our main campus is located in North West London which is highly multicultural and with numerous pockets of deprivation. We have a reputation for the highest quality teaching, research that makes a real difference to people’s lives and a practical, innovative approach to working with businesses to develop staff potential and provide solutions to business issues. We work with businesses and organisations to develop solutions to grow and develop their staff to realise their potential. With our wide-ranging, cross-sector expertise we provide consultancy, bespoke training and courses and research. Teaching at MU has been recognised as outstanding by the Quality Assurance Agency. A thriving research culture ensures programmes remain innovative and current. The key values of MU are: striving for excellence; placing the students’ needs first, promoting diversity and inclusiveness; service to the community; freedom of academic enquiry; professionalism. MU has extensive experience in managing large European projects and is a leading institution in transcultural health, nursing and cultural competence. MU will co-ordinate the proposed project and will also lead in the development of the various tools and teaching approaches proposed in this application.






Role in the project

Coordinate the partnership on the international level

 Coordinate the  workpackages:

        Methodology for creating tools

       Methodology for assessment tools

       Toolkit  1 – Compassionate care




Explore the topics of   Compassionate care ,  Health Inequalities and Courage and Intercultural therapeutic communication  and its place in the curriculum and discuss their understanding and findings  during the partners’ meetings

 Pilot the 3  toolkits created   to the  student nurses, registered  nurse or other health care professionals , apply the assessment tools: select the target groups, will detect the  training needs, create training plans, create  the teaching, learning and assessment innovative tools, collect case studies

Cooperate in creating  project outputs: create  and translate content for  the  blog, platform, leaflet and newsletters

 Exchange of experience and  present particular activities and outputs in the partners’ meetings

 Organize the project meeting in UK

 Organize monitoring, evaluation, assessment and dissemination of project on the national level.



Project team

Irena Papadopoulos, Gina Taylor,  Laura Foley,  Alfonso Pezzella

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