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Volkssolidarität, DE

Volkssolidarität Gera, Germany


The People’s Solidarity in Gera sees itself as a politically and denominationally independent, nonprofit membership association which operates in the interest of health and welfare facilities. With a wide range of social services, the district chapter turns in his work with seniors, children and adolescents and in need of assistance. We manage all the services with a number of staff about 270.

The members of the People’s Solidarity are organized on a democratic basis to member groups. The group members maintain the “one another – each other,” are home for people in need of solidarity and equal for people who can provide solidarity. Working in groups according to the members of our national tradition of solidarity done by volunteers on their own initiative. The members of groups characterized by their social and socio-cultural influence significantly the image of the People’s Solidarity in public.

A sound economic basis enables us to provide social work independently. Therefore, to determine the effectiveness and efficiency actions of all employees. Quality and customer focus coupled with warmth and cordiality of gravity are in the implementation of our work. We are working in the field of elderly care and we provide a big service programme for old people. In our daily service we offer day-care services and fulltime care. It is a big aim to share knowledge and experiences about this working field.






Role in the project

Coordinate the  workpackages:

–       Coordinate the Dissemination plan  at the international level

–       Create  leaflet and 6 newsletters




Explore the topics of   Compassionate care ,  Health Inequalities and Courage and Intercultural therapeutic communication  and its place in the curriculum and discuss their understanding and findings  during the partners’ meetings

Pilot the 3  toolkits created   to the  student nurses, registered  nurse or other health care professionals , apply the assessment tools: select the target groups, will detect the  training needs, create training plans, create  the teaching, learning and assessment innovative tools, collect case studies

Cooperate in creating  project outputs: create  and translate content for  the  blog, platform, leaflet and newsletters

Exchange of experience and  present particular activities and outputs in the partners’ meetings

Organize the project meeting in Germany.

Organize monitoring, evaluation, assessment and dissemination of project on the national level.



Project team

Friederike Jung,  René Hildebrandt

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